EasyFundraising is a commercial company and a member of the Institute of Fundraising that helps good causes raise money through online shopping.  In partnership with over 2700 retailers, EasyFundraising has raised over £5m for causes throughout the UK.
How it works

EasyFundraising allows you to shop with online retailers whilst raising funds for the Union at no extra cost to yourself.  After signing up, members can shop with their normal online retailers.  However, by using the links provided on the EasyFundraising website first, purchases made will generate cashback donations to the Union.
For example, John Lewis will donate 2% of purchases made through their website.  So if you spend £50, a £1 donation will be made to the Union. 
You can see which retailers will provide a donation by clicking here.
How to Register

Please click the below link which will take you to the Union’s EasyFundraising page.  By clicking the “Support us now” icon on the page and following the simple sign up steps, you will then be able to raise funds for the Union through online shopping.