What are the Union’s aims and objectives?

These can be found on the aims page.

Why do you think you represent all Liverpool supporters?

The Union does not profess to represent all Liverpool supporters. All we can profess to represent are our members, but by extension on some issues, the wider supporter base.

However, it has been clear from the work that we have done and the campaigns that we have led that all Liverpool supporters have benefited from the work we have undertaken on issues such as travel, the removal of Hicks and Gillett, ticketing prices and allocations and a change in attitude to the way in which the Club interacts with supporters.

How and why was the Union formed?

You can read about how the Union was formed on our Union History page.

Is the Union anti-Club or anti-owners?

No, the Union is pro-Liverpool Football Club and seeks to do what it can to achieve onfield success for the team while at the same time trying to safeguard the rights of our members (and by extension other supporters).

We are not anti-owners. Our aims and objectives make it clear that all we intend to do is to hold whoever owns the Club to account and this could even be ordinary supporters in the future. You can read our aims and objectives here.

We do not oppose everything done by past, current or future owners but we will try and work with them to improve conditions for our members. However, where we see the Club’s owners acting against the Club's best interests, as identified by our members, then we will speak out and if necessary, act.



Does the Union publish its accounts?

The Union publishes its accounts annually and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

What pay do the Union or Branch Officers receive?

All Union or Branch officials are unpaid volunteers. On occasions properly audited reasonable expenses will be paid on production of receipts or invoices.

The Union will also make disclosed payments to third parties for accounting, legal and technical assistance.

All expenditure is declared in the annual accounts. All copies of the previous annual reports and accounts can be found here.



How do I contact the Union’s media representatives if I want feedback, news or information?

Phone or email our Media officer on 07825 660 859 or email

Has the Union or would the Union give stories, quotes or assistance to The Sun newspaper?

Under no circumstances do we give interviews, stories or quotes to The Sun newspaper, nor do we do so for the News Of The World. We also do not give quotes to news agency who syndicate their stories to these newspapers. However, we cannot control their replication of stories from other sources.



What role does the Union play in the campaign for justice and Hillsborough generally?

The Union has no primary role in relation to anything to do with Hillsborough. We pass on any media enquiries to the relevant groups, do not run primary campaigns on their behalf and the issues around Hillsborough form no part of our official aims and objectives.

The simple reason for this policy is that there are organisations better placed and more experienced than us to deal with these issues. However, the Union offers any support and assistance that is requested from the official groups and anyone else seeking our support.



How do I join the Union?

See our Join page.

What does it cost to join?

It costs £10 a year.

How do I get a replacement badge?

If you have lost or broken your Spirit Of Shankly membership pin badge, a replacement badge can be bought either by sending a cheque or PO for £2.00 plus 50p P&P to our registered office c/o EDT, 98 Great Homer Street, Liverpool L5 3LF. Or you can see a member of the Management Committee at any home game.

How do I update my details?

You can update your postal or email address online by logging into your account and clicking "Edit profile".


Does the Union have a Youth and Child Section?

Yes. You can join the Youth and Child section of the Union by visiting the Join page and choosing the relevant membership and ensuring the correct date of birth has been entered.

How much is the Child and Youth Membership?

The Child and Youth Memberships are completely free of charge.

What age ranges do the Child and Youth Sections cover?

Child members have to be between the ages of 0 years and 11 years old inclusive. Youth members need to be aged between 12 years and 17 years old inclusive.

Does the Union have a Child Protection Policy?

Yes. The Child Protection Policy can be viewed and downloaded from here.


Community and Regeneration

What is the Union's role in the local community?

Examples of the work the Union does in the community can be found our Community Development page.

How is the Union helping with regeneration of the Anfield area?

The Union has been working with Everton Fan Group Keeping Everton in Our City (KEIOC) over 'The Football Quarter' concept which uses the anchors of the separate individual stadia to aid North Liverpool regeneration to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Club Liaison

What is Club Liaison?

The nature of Spirit of Shankly means we require regular communication with officials at Liverpool Football Club to address our concerns, seek information and to represent our members best interests. This is done through a Club Liaison Officer, acting as a point of contact between ourselves and the club.

What issues does the Club Liaison Officer deal with?

The issues can vary greatly. They can involve arranging meetings between the Management Committee and Club Officials to discuss issues, asking questions of the Club about their policies, representing members who have issues with Club policies or personnel over things such as ticketing, stewarding and policing.


How do I join a branch?

To join a branch you need to be a current member of the Spirit of Shankly. You can then select a branch to join through your online profile on the Union’s website.

How do I go about setting up a branch?

Go to the Branch Documentation page – this has all the guidelines and documentation showing you how to create a branch.


UK Supporters’ Liaison

What is UK Supporters' Liason about?

We recognise that not all supporters of our club come from the city of Liverpool and surrounding areas. Some of the issues supporters from outside of Liverpool face may be different, and the UK Supporters' Liaison Officer is there to represent their views on the Management Committee and forge closer links with supporters across the UK.

Overseas Supporters' Liaison


What is Overseas Supporters' Liaison about?

Like the UK Supporters' Liaison role, we recognise our Club is a global brand, with supporters across the globe. Our membership comes from places as far apart as Anfield and Australia, Toxteth and Thailand and everywhere in between. It is important to listen to our members views, regardless of their background, and the Overseas Supporters Liaison is there to represent their views and forge closer links with supporters around the world.



What Events do Spirit of Shankly hold?

We hold regular meetings with our members (EGM's), which are advertised in advance on our website and through emails. We hold an Annual General Meeting each year for elections and to discuss Spirit of Shankly policies. 

We also hold regular, more social based events. We have held an End Of Season Party for the past three years, allowing members and supporters to re-live the best bits and forget the worst bits of the preceeding season. We have also held Sportsman Dinners featuring ex LFC players and comedians.



What is the Union’s current policy over a stadium move?

The Union's current policy as dictated by a membership’ vote, is that a groundshare with Everton Football Club must never happen.

The Union believes that a full feasibility study should be undertaken by the Club to establish the pros and cons of a move or refurbished Anfield and that this should involve consultation with supporters PRIOR to any decision being made.

The Union also supports the idea of a Football Quarter in partnership with Everton Football Club, Liverpool City Council and other interested sectors. This would involve both Clubs staying in local but separate grounds.



Can the Union access tickets?

No. The Union does not operate as a supporters’ club and has no access or involvement in supplying tickets.



Will the Union lead supporters' opposition to an unpopular manager or player?

No. The Union seeks to play no part in the footballing decisions made by Liverpool Football Club. It hopes that the Club has properly qualified personnel to oversee any decisions made about the manager, support staff or players to ensure success on the pitch.

The Union’s main objective is to make certain that the owners and administrators at the Club give the manager and players the best chance of success on the pitch through the policies they adopt.





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