Reverse Auctions

SOS recently launched an exhibition at Liverpool's MetQuarter which depicts a photographic evolution of the Liverpool Supporters' Union, as documented by Union member, John Johnson, entitled "Spirit of Shankly: The noise that refused to be dealt with". The exhibition is ongoing until 2nd September, upstaris in the MetQuarter, Unit 28 (next to Timberland). More information can be found here.

The photographs illustrate the pride, passion, anger and strength of SOS's concerted fight to force Messrs Hicks and Gillett out of Liverpool Football Club.

The exhibition is a reward for John's excellent work in documenting the SOS fight and an opportunity for both him and us to promote the aims and objectives of the Union and John's excellent work to a much wider audience. We have also created 16 beautifully framed, numbered, artist signed pictures that form the core of the exhibition which are now available to members through a series of reverse auctions.

How it Works

A reverse auction is totally different to a traditional auction. In the traditional format, 2 or 3 individuals usually try to outbid each other and the winning bidder pays for the goods.

In a reverse auction, everyone can participate because bidders are not trying to outbid each other, but are trying to lodge the lowest unique bid, in other words the lowest bid that no other bidder has made. Crucially in a reverse auction, each bid made must actually be paid for and players do not know what bids have already been lodged.

As at the closing date and time, the player with the lowest unique bid wins the prize.

Below is an example of how a reverse auction might look if 10 bidders took part:

Bid 1 - £2.09
Bid 2 - £2.11
Bid 3 - £2.04
Bid 4 - £2.11
Bid 5 - £2.22
Bid 6 - £2.04
Bid 7 - £2.19
Bid 8 - £2.32
Bid 9 - £2.15
Bid 10 - £2.11

Bids 3 & 6 have lodged the lowest bids of £2.04 but because there are 2 identical bids neither are unique. The winning bid is actually Bid 1 of £2.09, the lowest UNIQUE bid.


Members will be invited to bid on one of 14 framed, numbered and artist signed images charting the evolution of SOS.

Each image will have has its own reverse auction and members can bid on each auction as many times as they like, although each bid made is immediately paid for via our paypal page.

You are trying to make the lowest unique bid.

For every bid made you will receive a confirmation email and all winners will be immediately notified at the closing date of each auction. All members will be notified of the winners and winning bids in official announcements.

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