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The Spirit of Shankly Scouser Tommy Branch grew out of the Scouser Tommy LFC fans forum, with members drawn from all over the world – from L4 to Europe and as far afield as Australia, Japan and the US. 

The diversity of our members is a reflection of our club’s truly global fanbase and, as a result, 99% of the Branch’s business is carried out online. Again, this is in keeping with the way a significant proportion of LFC fans interact – via the many reputable and free LFC fan forums. 

In essence, our remit as a Branch is: 

  • To support the union in pursuit of its stated aims
  • To fulfil the primary purpose of SOS Branches by encouraging LFC fans to join the union in greater numbers. Since our inception, our membership has grown by 50% and counting
  • To provide a sounding board for the union when a global cross section of supporter opinion is needed
  • To work with other respected fans forums worldwide, encouraging them to follow suit in setting up SOS Branches. As the first internet-based Branch we can provide help and assistance based on our own experience, so feel free to get in touch.

Chair, Kevin Reavey said: “It’s all very well saying ‘the fans are the club’. But if we want to safeguard our club’s future, no matter who owns the bricks and mortar, we must unite behind a common cause and speak with one voice. That is what forming and being part of a Branch is all about." 

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Chair Kevin Reavey
Vice-chair Charlie Bibby
Vice-chair Matthew Bretherton
Secretary Dale Watkins
Treasurer Andrew Barton
Vice-treasurer Art O'Leary
Community Paul Cartlidge
Direct action Adam Brown
Direct action Stephen Glynn

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