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Annual membership of the Spirit of Shankly, Liverpool Supporters Union, costs £10. Child and Youth memberships for those under the age of 18 years old are free. We have recently reviewed our membership process. You can read about that here 

If you'd prefer to sign up to the Union by post please use the navigation links on the right.

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SOS Branches

If there is a Spirit of Shankly branch opearting in your region you can associate your membership with it and receive local representation and benefits. Click the link to find out more about branches (will open in a new window).

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Please select which, if any, groups you belong to. This will allow us to deliver information of relevance to you whilst allowing us to further understand our members.



Why Join?

Member Benefits include:

  • - cheaper travel to away games
  • - a say on supporter representation
  • - a voice on ticketing issues
  • - hold the Club and the owners to account
  • - encourage engagement with the local community
  • - encourage the Club to regenerate the Anfield area
  • - carefully selected member offers
  • - engaging and providing for child and youth supporters