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The first meeting in The Sandon demonstrated to us all there was an appetite for change at Liverpool. Change at the highest level of the

club definitely, but change amongst ourselves - a single banner to get

behind, a united voice with shared goals that won't just work to force

the owners out, but will be around for years to come to speak for

Liverpool supporters the world over.

The meeting that followed in The Olympia just reinforced that. Our aims

were unanimously backed and we started to actively seek a worldwide fee

paying membership.

This Union was organic. It wasn't in the works for weeks prior to The

Sandon. We've had a lot of committed and capable individuals putting

real stints in for the cause since that meeting and because our aims are

short, medium and long term we need to get our structure right in the

first place. We don't want to play fast and loose with your support and

your money. We - as a working committee - want to set up and

organisation which can stand the test of time. We currently have our

administrators, EDT, working hard on a constitution that allows us to do

that. Until then we won't be able to formalise membership with

membership cards or give people the opportunity to join online. We

apologise for this delay and will be in touch as soon as the situation

resolves itself.

In the meantime those who wish to join online when the facility becomes

available should email We'll get in touch

as soon it does.

Until then we'll keep you all informed.

Thank you

Spirit Of Shankly


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