Hicks says No, we say GO!

Liverpool chairmen Tom Hicks and George Gillett have been given the ideal opportunity. The opportunity to walk away, to do the right thing. They wanted a profit; they've been offered a profit. They can say Yes for their own benefit and for our benefit.

But will they?

Al-Ansari talks about Tom Hicks' valuation of the club being 'in dreamland'; Mr Hicks is further in dreamland if he thinks he will ever be accepted at LFC. He's a rich man, a business man, but surely, being as rich as he is, he wants to be able to enjoy his investments. If he tries to grin and bear it then it emphasises what we already know - he's only in it for one reason: the money and the money alone.

George Gillett's silence speaks volumes. He's no longer interested or charming us. He wants to get out with the maximum possible profit. Well it's time to either get out of hiding or get out of our club, Mr Gillett.

Will they do the right thing, and leave? They aren't wanted, they surely know that. To stay - and turn down an offer for the club that can hopefully take us out of this sorry mess we find ourselves in - is what we all want. Cash is what they want and they have been offered millions for wasting a year of our time.

If they say No it goes against the wishes of virtually every supporter. So they wouldn't be listening to fans. This would be their clearest indication that they don't care about the fans. They want to cash in on us, they want to sell the "Kop" brand but when it comes right down to it, the much acclaimed 12th Man has his opinions tossed aside so they can greedily wring every last penny out of the club.

Regardless you've been, we've all been, given an opportunity - if they reject the offer, take the opportunity at the West Ham game to make it known we will not take this lying down.

If they say nothing take the opportunity to hammer home your wishes as Liverpool supporters. They've given us the chance to make our point, DIC have given them the chance to leave with a modicum of grace and a hefty profit.

Take the chance - let the world know what you want.

Spirit Of Shankly.


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