Hicks Knows Best

Tom Hicks has broken off talks with DIC because their leadership style would not be in the interests of: "Kop [Holdings], of the Club, or of the Club's loyal and passionate supporters."

Let's look at this. Why does Mr Hicks put Kop Holdings first? Doesn't this reveal exactly where his priorities lie? How many times do the man's priorities have to be revealed to us? It's wonderful of him to emphasise what we already know. The interests of Kop Holdings and Liverpool Football Club are not one and the same. Kop Holdings needs Liverpool to come fourth every year and get a stadium built and then it makes a billion pound return without ever investing a penny. Liverpool Football Club demands greatness. Liverpool Football Club should be the jewel in the crown. Not another stepping stone for an obscenely rich man to make more money he doesn't need.

Mr Hicks is remarkably presumptuous if he feels he knows what's best for Liverpool Football Club and its supporters. The very supporters who distrust him entirely. The very supporters who have made their feelings known again and again what's best for them.

Mr Hicks should listen to Liverpool's supporters. They've repeatedly tried to tell him what's best for this club. On the whole it can be summed up as follows:

What's best for this football club isn't being in exactly the same position as we were fourteen months ago but with £350m of debt.

What's best for the football club and its supporters is that the man who has publicly stated he'll siphon Liverpool's money off to his other sports teams, hasn't pledged to buy the club one way and then do the opposite, has promised stadia yet has failed to raise the money and still hasn't started digging, has offered the manager's job to a total novice in club management terms – how exactly was that in the club's best interests Tom? - and then discussed such a foolish move in public, leaves and never, ever, ever comes back.

What's best for Liverpool Football Club is that the man who has dragged this footballing institution through the mud, who has classlessly tarnished the family silver, who has shown such disdain and disrespect to the very supporters he now claims to act in the interest of accepts the healthy profit he has been offered and shuts the door behind him.

How many times do we have to tell him he doesn't know what's best for LFC? He doesn't know what's best for the supporters? Well, let's keep telling him and let's tell him louder.

Before the Reading game. 15th March. The Olympia. Noon. Let's tell him again there and then let's tell him outside the ground and then let's tell him inside the ground and keep telling him and the world that he doesn't know best. Only when he steps through the exit door will he have shown any intelligence, any class and any understanding of what Liverpool's supporters want.

One way or another, on the 15th of March, let your voice be heard.

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