Benefit night and supporter representation

Last night was special - a great occasion and everything Liverpool support is about. A big thank you to the performers and bands, those who organised it, The Olympia and those of you who came. We'd appreciate a bit of discretion about the very special guest and we'd also like to take the opportunity to thank him.

As a result of our ongoing dialogue, we've had it confirmed that Dubai are prepared to put a supporter's representative on the board and have approached SOS to work out exactly how such a thing should be done. We're taking this commitment at face value and expect them to follow up on it if they take control of the football club. We are not doing Dubai's PR for them, but feel obliged to say we've found the dialogue we've had with them to be rewarding and full of possibilities. There is the opportunity to change the way in which our football club is run and the way in which football clubs across the country are run. They may well disappoint us and their words do need to be followed up with actions but to this point those of us who have had discussions have been impressed.

A supporter on the board is a significant responsibility; one which we want but one which will need long consultation, with Dubai, with other agencies but most of all with you, the supporters. What we expect of such a role, how we want it to be defined, how we select it, these are key questions which tap into the bigger question which it is time to start asking: What, in 2008, do we expect of Liverpool FC in terms of how it manages itself off the pitch to compete on it? In the next fortnight we're going to try to start this debate across the forums. We don't think SOS and its management committee has all the answers, but collectively we are capable of answering this question and given the opportunity from Dubai we're capable of having these answers impact upon the football club should it change hands.

Lastly, we've won nothing yet. Hicks and Gillett are still here. We are working on more ways to make clear to the entire world how they've abdicated their responsibilities as custodians. When we have concrete plans we'll tell you how you can help. In the meantime we're listening to any suggestions you have. Let's redouble our efforts over the summer. This football club is the greatest in the land. It's supporters are the greatest in the land. We learnt that yet again last night. We shouldn't be lions led by duplicitious donkeys any longer. Let's change that.

Thank you for your support.

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