The economic consequences of Mr Hicks

“We’re in the most difficult credit crunch I’ve seen in twenty years.”

Dallas news

See that chink of light? That's the sign of reality cracking though the head Cowboy’s veneer of spin and nonsense. Mr Hicks knows a great deal about credit. It’s how he works, how he has always worked – five minutes on google would have made this clear to the purveyors of the finest family silver – and credit (subsequently paid off by the acquired asset, no matter how much, in the case of LFC, he insinuates the contrary on Sky Sports News) is how he will always work.

But credit isn’t working for him at the moment, on either side of the Atlantic. The Hicks banking roadshow has rattled its way across the world looking for a deal for George Gillett’s half and to finance the new stadium. It has found nothing. Now, for his project at home, he also cannot convince the banks and he’s under half as much pressure from that side of the Atlantic, as well looking for half as much money to invest.

We’ve got to keep that pressure up. Every word against Hicks, every act, makes every meeting where he’s asking for money just that tiniest bit harder. It chips away. Those who run banking institutions may not care about you but they do care about getting their money back and know the core “customer” stands against Hicks and his plans for the “product”. That “product” would be significantly weakened by Hicks, let no one make any mistake about that. His borrowing magic trick to keep the football club competitive while building the stadium and paying off debt incurred in buying the football club would be very tricky at the best of times. In the most difficult credit crunch in twenty years, it’s approaching impossible.

Let’s keep the message going out. Hicks should sell and he should sell now. We don’t want him and he isn’t able to do the job.

No money, no credibility, no honesty, no integrity, no dignity, no custodian. HICKS OUT...

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