Liverpool Transfer Bonanza - Sell 4, Get one free!

Welcome to the great LFC January giveaway. This month we have a once in a lifetime (well until the next transfer window) special offer to fans.

We will be selling 4 members of the first team squad and replacing them with just one player. This offer runs for a limited time, subject to terms and conditions (i.e. That whilst having to offload players from the wage bill and recouping transfer fees, the manager can't have this money to spend).

Whilst the above might sound flippant, it is also true. For the 3rd successive transfer window, LFC look like they will have a minimal net spend and the manager not being backed as promised - we are still waiting for Snoogy Doogy.

Liverpool FC should be concentrating on winning matches, picking up silverware along the way. Instead, we find ourselves selling simply to pay down the debt - a debt we didn't want and were told would not be placed on the club.

Christian Purslow has briefed the press that this is all part of his grand plan as values are over-inflated in the January window. But what if we fail to qualify for the Champions League, Mr Purslow? Cue "the market is over-inflated in a World Cup transfer window" briefings to the press.

We may be wrong. Tom and George might be about to do a sudden u-turn and splash the cash, backing the manager and helping move us forward on the pitch. But we doubt it.

So go on then Tom and George, prove us wrong!

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