Management Committee nomination process and election

Graham Smith, Secretary of the Spirit of Shankly  who was charged with organisation of the Management Committee election process has issued the following statement:
"Following the nominations for election to the Spirit of Shankly Management Committee I am contacting members to confirm that none of the Management Committee posts were the subject of more than one nomination and accordingly those positions are now filled without the necessity of an election. The posts that received nominations and have subsequently been filled are as follows (subject to the co-option details detailed further in this communication):
Chair: Fran Stanton
Treasurer: Jon-Paul Hill
Events: Stephen Monaghan
Marketing: Samantha Armstrong
Community and Youth: Paul Gardner
Anfield Regeneration: Peter Carney
Club Liaison: Kieth Culvin
Direct Action: James McKenna
UK Supporters' Liaison: Peter Hooton
Overseas Supporters' Liaison: Tommy Keiner
In accordance with the powers delegated to the Management Committee to co-opt (see Constitution Rule 39 - the Committee are proposing to co-opt the following for the positions that remain unfilled. This proposal to co-opt will also be put before the AGM in late February for ratification:
Vice Chair:  Paul Rice (co-opted)
Secretary (which will now include all Media enquiries and liaison):    James McKenna who will transfer from Direct Action and to  be supported by Assistant Secretary Graham Smith (non-Committee post)
Direct Action: Kyle Percy (co-opted)
Travel Officer: Roy Bentham (co-opted)
The New Media position remains vacant and we will be tendering the role (as it involves technical support, and a definite time commitment) in the next few weeks with the aim of making a co-opted appointment as soon as possible.
The duly elected officers will take their positions up after the AGM in February and the existing Committee will be seeking ratification of the proposed transfers and co-options at the same meeting.
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at".


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