Ian Ayre Ticketing Questions

The Spirit of Shankly Management Committee have released the responses received from Liverpool FC Commercial Director Ian Ayre following our members' recent questions regarding tickets.

These questions arose when we asked members to suggest questions for our meeting with Christian Purslow.



SOS: In what circumstances might the Club ever offer significantly reduced ticket prices for cup games (i.e. £15 for adults, £1 for kids?)

IA: The club prices all tickets for all games based on anticipated demand, it reduces prices in line with the level of sale it believes will be achieved for each fixture, where it believes prices need to below standard league game prices it makes the necessary adjustments, which was the case for the recent FA Cup replay and for the first round of the Europa Cup.

Would the club make 1000 seats available per game at a discounted price exclusively for local kids?  If not, why not?

The club makes adult child tickets available now for all games with the childs portion significantly cheaper than the adult price.  The club does not differentiate between local fans and non local fans and operates a fair and even policy for all fans regardless of where they come from.  The adult child tickets often do not sell out due to lack of demand and on those occassions end up being sold as standard tickets for adults.


Is the Club comfortable with allowing Thomas Cook to charge £279 for a one night stay against Man City?

The club provides tickets to Thomas Cook as part of its sponsorship of the club. It is impossible to know how the price indicated is made up, dependant on the hotel rate, travel arrangements and demand at the time of the fixture.  All matchbreaks sold by Thomas Cook have been extremely popular and TC also has formed travel partnerships with some of our international supporters clubs to assist them in their own travel with fans providing their own tickets.


How many match tickets do Thomas Cook get per League game?

The numbers of tickets supplied to any party as part of a commercial agreement are confidential and as such we are not able to answer this question. What I would say is that it is not a significant number and is typical of the types of numbers provided by most clubs to most sponsors. It is unrealistic for fans to expect the club not to provide tickets to sponsors. In the case of Thomas Cook their allocation are sold to fans.


How many match tickets are allocated to former players per League game?

As per the point above this matter forms part of a legal agreement between the former players association and Liverpool Football Club and as such I am unable to provide this information.


Does the club have any plans to introduce the 'pay up front for all rounds of cup games' like Man Utd have?

At this time the club has no plans to introduce that system.


During the meeting with the Spirit of Shankly last June, you stated that the club was in the process of clearing up the season ticket waiting list database and would be contacting people on it – where is this up to?  

We are still working on this and will make an announcement likely before the end of the season regarding this matter.


Can you please confirm whether there are any intentions to remove the ticket allocation for the Development Association? What are the Club’s intentions, if any, relating to the Development Association?
We are in discussions with the development association on a variety of issues and that is a matter between  the club and the development association, it is not a matter for discussion with the Spirit of Shankly


Is it correct that there are to be extra places being created for corporate tickets? If so how many are being allocated and where will the tickets be located?
No this is entirely untrue. At this time we have no plans to extend our corporate allocations at Anfield beyond those which already exist.

What are the plans regarding season ticket prices for next season?
The prices for season tickets next season have not yet been decided

What is the Club’s justification for charging £32 for the Europa League fixture?
As indicated above, the club decides on ticket pricing based on anticipated demand. The club has to make this decision and submit pricing to UEFA immediately after the draw for approval. This is the price that the club believes is fair for this fixture of the competition.


Why can't a child concession ticket be purchased on its own? For 16 year olds an adult ticket has to be purchased- why is this?
A response to this will follow



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