Our Independence Day - Sunday 4th July 2010 12 noon


Our Independence Day is upon us. Taking place this Sunday on St George's Hall Plateau, the Rally, which is also being used as a launch for our supporter ownership scheme, will start at 12noon with speeches and music from guests taking place throughout the afternoon. This event is for everyone who cares about Liverpool FC, our current predicament and our future - making sure the current situation is resolved and never happens again. You will hear about our plans for supporter ownership through our Credit Union which is designed to ensure that the possibility of owning a part of the Club is accessible and open to everyone, regardless of how much you can afford.


Addressing the crowd at the Rally will be Karen Gill - Union Patron and Bill Shankly's granddaughter, John Aldridge - Liverpool legend and Share Liverpool board member, John Bishop - Liverpool comedian, Neil Fitzmaurice - actor and star of One Night in Istanbul, Billy Hayes - Communication Workers Union, Steve Rotheram - MP for Walton and former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Spirit of Shankly committee members and other special guests.


We will also have live music from John O' Connell (Groundpig), Ian McNabb (Icicle Works), John Power (Cast and The La's), Peter Hooton (The Farm), Pete Wylie (The Wah!) and the Sons of Anfield.


This event is for every single Liverpool supporter who cares about the Club. It is for everyone who has an interest in what is happening at our Club. It is for anyone who demands change in the way the Club is being run. On the very steps that are synonymous with historic days in our past, make this an historic day for our future. Let us all come together. Stand as one, and not only say we want Tom and George out, but that, we, the supporters want in. That we can take control. That we can own our football club and make sure the dark cloud is banished forever.


Let us tell the watching world - Tom, George, Purslow and Broughton, Royal Bank of Scotland and its Chairman - our message. Liverpool Football Club is OUR club and not yours! And we intend to take it back.


Sunday 4th July 2010. OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbours. Be there, if you care!


(If you able to assist in the running of the day including offering some time to help with the smooth running of the event, please email, with your name and what time you are available from).






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