Questions for Christian Purslow

Spirit of Shankly members will be aware of our attempts last week to publicly question Managing Director Christian Purslow here, on a number of issues.

Following our attempt we have been contacted by a senior Club official who has informed us that Christian Purslow is aware of our questions and the point has been made to Mr Purslow that they are legitimate questions that require a response. We have been told that these questions will be asked of him, in the form of a Question and Answer session on LFC TV, like those recently undertaken by Ian Ayre and Martin Broughton.

We have been assured that our questions, and those of others will be considered and answered both honestly and openly.

In light of this opportunity we have amended and added to the legitimate questions we wish to ask on behalf of members as follows:


1. Can we have a straight answer to a question that no one knows the answer to - who offered you your position at Liverpool Football Club - was it RBS, Hicks and Gillett or Hicks and Gillett under pressure/instruction from the Club's bankers?

2. Are Odgers Berndtson still retained by the Club in relation to filling the Chief Executive vacancy? If so, how many candidates have been shortlisted and/or interviewed in the last 12 months? And have you been personally involved in that selection process? If not, is the vacancy considered 'dormant', at present?

3. Do you expect to remain at the Club in any capacity once the sale of the Club eventually goes through? Do you believe your continued presence will be countenanced by the fans or new owners? What exactly do you do now? Are you still part time? Are you still a temporary appointment?

4. You are presumably playing some role in the sale of the Club - what is it? Could you estimate how close we are to being sold?

5. Are you involved in any way in any consortium seeking to buy the Club? If so, isn't that a conflict of interest?

6. What happened to the significant investment you were tasked with obtaining for the club, and confirmed earlier this year as being "very likely (by) Easter"? Would you agree that not getting that investment has been a failure?

7. How do you account for that failure given Liverpool FC's high profile globally? Does it reflect on yourself, the owners, or the Club itself?

8. Are you able to explain why you feel empowered to make football-related decisions when you have previously had no experience in the industry, and were appointed solely on the basis of your financial background? Outside normal MD supervisory responsibilities, would you agree your primary remit was solely the search for investment?

9. Do you feel it is acceptable behaviour for any senior executive at a football club to privately brief hand-picked journalists to disseminate their own opinions via the media, in order to further their own agenda to remove key employees and spin the financial realities of the Club?

10. Have you ever had discussions with the officials of any other Club either instigated by them or you about the availability of a player, whether to sell or acquire? If you have, was this with the knowledge of the then manager? If this ever did take place, why did you instigate this, given it is the manager's role to identify who to buy or sell, subject to board financial approval.

11. Why, having effectively placed a combined £12m in contractual fees as a debit on the Club's balance sheet, did you and the board then decide it was prudent to pay a further sum in excess of £2m in compensation to free your chosen candidate? While it is not our role to comment about the suitability of a manager, when it is clear that the new manager was clearly not the choice of a key member of the selection committee, and there were other candidates available for the role who were either internal or out of contract, thus requiring no such payment to be made. Why did you ignore the advice you were given?

12. The financial realities of the world and Club have changed since the decision to move to a new stadium. Given that the residents of L4 remain concerned about the regeneration of their area - why have your not had the courtesy of replying to them about the prospect of a Football Quarter and the more realistic opportunity of staying at a refurbished Anfield?


We will afford Christian Purslow the opportunity to tell us honestly and openly the answers to these legitimate questions. They are questions that require a response so some light is shed on what is going on at our Club.



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