Spirit Of Shankly - ShareLiverpoolFC - Meeting with Chinese Bid

Spirit of Shankly - ShareLiverpoolFC have been approached by the representatives of Mr. Kenny Huang who has restated his position as the representative of a serious bid for the ownership of Liverpool FC. 

They have stated that Mr. Huang intends to be in Liverpool in the near future and he has asked to meet with representatives of Spirit of Shankly – ShareLiverpoolFC. They have said that the reason he wishes to meet with the supporters' organisations is that the bidders see Spirit of Shankly - ShareLiverpoolFC as key stakeholders in the Club and the views of supporters are critical to the way they approach any deal. 

They have made it clear that any discussion would be entirely without prejudice, in order to learn more about Spirit of Shankly – ShareLiverpoolFC, what the organisations want and to see if there are mutual areas of agreement. 

We cautiously welcomed the approach and restated our position, made clear recently, that we are keen to engage with those charged with selling the Club and any credible potential purchasers. We recognise that the intentions of any potential purchasers need to be thoroughly examined prior to any purchase of the Club and involvement and discussion with supporters is key to that.

However, the Club, their agents and any potential purchasers need to recognise where the supporters' organisations came from - they were born out of the betrayal by the current owners of promises they made when they purchased the Club and their action and behaviour afterwards. 

In the same way that no potential purchaser will commit to any wish list from the supporters, Spirit of Shankly - ShareLiverpoolFC will not supply any endorsement to any potential purchaser without the most rigorous of examinations. This examination will include:

1. That they will be proper custodians of Liverpool FC recognising and never forgetting the unique nature of this Club;

2. That they invest proper equity into the Club to eliminate the current debt and to provide the funds to undertake the capital expenditure necessary to rebuild the Club including a solution to the stadium challenge and sufficient funds to allow the team to properly compete on the field;

3. That they are serious about engaging positively to seek ways in which the supporters are able to obtain an equity stake, with proper representation at Board level, within the Club.

We will keep you updated on any developments. 


Spirit Of Shankly - ShareLiverpoolFC



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