2011 Management Committee Election Process

This year’s election process will commence in December and will follow the timetable set out below.

The first steps will be to seek nominations for the revamped Committee being proposed (detailed below).

If you wish to nominate a person for election please complete the nomination form on the final two pages of this document and return by the nomination deadline date to Spirit of Shankly, EDT, 98 Great Homer Street, Liverpool, L5 3LF. 

Once nominations have closed we will open electronic voting for positions where there are two or more candidates and send voting forms for those who have elected not to register an email address with us.

We will formally ratify the results of the election at the 2011 AGM which will be held at 12noon on the 12th February 2011, venue to be confirmed.

Please note that if your membership is not current you will need to renew before taking part in the election process. You check whether or not your membership has expired by clicking here. If you need to you can renew online at or via post to our EDT address quoting your name, membership number and full address, including postcode.


Yours sincerely



Graham P Smith
Assistant Secretary




10th December 2010 - Letter to non-email members confirming election timetable and nomination process

24th December 2010 - Closure of Nominations for Elections

1st January 2011 - Email to members with registered email addresses confirming candidates and the opening of Voting for any contested posts

By 7th January 2011 - Letter to members confirming candidates and supplying hard copy voting slips for return*

28th January 2011 - Closure of Voting

1st February 2011 - Announcement of Results


*The reason for voting being opened for email registered members being before the letters arriving with non-email registered members is due to the difficulty in getting the letters despatched over the Christmas and New Year period.

Voting will be extended accordingly to give all members equal chance to vote.



The Management Committee are reorganising the roles for the forthcoming year. The following roles remain unchanged from this year’s Committee:

Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, New Media Officer, Club Liaison Officer, UK Supporters Liaison, Overseas Liaison, Events and Travel Officer

The Management Committee are reorganising other roles accordingly:

Communications - taking the place of Media and to include social media, and member enquiries regarding Union policy (not membership packs or admin issues). The spokesperson role to be handled primarily by the Chair

Marketing - dealing with the marketing of the Union, merchandise, brand and presentation.

Membership - dealing with growing the membership, new memberships and renewals.

Youth - split from Community to deal with the growing focus on Youth including the high volume of work to follow from introducing a Youth Membership.

Anfield Regeneration – dealing with liaison with the local community over the impact of any stadium solution and the Club’s place in the locality.


The previous Direct Action role will remain as a co-opted member of the Management Committee. This reflects the current status of the Club but also recognises that Direct Action played a vital part in the voice of the Union’s members being heard and that should always remain the case.



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