Minutes of AGM - 12th February 2001


Zelig’s, Liverpool One

Saturday 12th February 2011, at 11.30am

1. Welcome by the Chair

Fran Stanton (Chair) opened the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance.

2. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Paul Rice, Dan Nicolson and Neil Dutton. The Chair asked members to acknowledge the loss of Eddie Spearitt and Ray Osbourne who had recently died.

3. Approval of Minutes of AGM 28th February 2010

The minutes of the 2010 AGM were approved by the members attending.

4. Annual Report

The Chair gave a review of the previous year commenting upon the Summer and Autumn issues surrounding the ownership and the Union’s campaigns and activities. A short video presentation reflected the work done by the Union during the last twelve months. This can be viewed here.

5. Financial Report

The Union Treasurer Jon-Paul Hill gave his financial report indicating that the Union’s financial position had improved and it was well set to move forward this year.

The accounts and audit resolutions were formally moved in order to allow them to be voted upon in the online poll.

6. Resolutions

Resolutions 1 and 6 were explained by Graham Smith (Secretary) and formally moved for online voting.

Resolution 2 was formally moved by the Chair and a discussion with attending members took place reflecting the overall favourable opinion of the resolution tempered by concern about Committee members being in a conflict situation if they sat upon the LFC Supporters’ Committee.

Resolution 3 was explained by Paul Gardner (Youth Officer) and formally moved for online voting.

Resolutions 4 and 5 had previously been moved by Jon-Paul Hill (Treasurer) for online voting.

7. Campaign on Away Ticket Prices

Kieth Culvin (Club Liaison) raised the issue that the Union would be seeking to get members’ feedback and approval in relation to the way in which away ticket pricing saw Liverpool supporters consistently exploited. While it was clear that those that attended away matches might not support a boycott it was felt that some sort of campaign would be considered.

Amanda Jacks of the Football Supporters Federation spoke about some general supporter issues including policing and her comments were welcomed by the members as was the work that the FSF did for supporters.

Kieth Culvin indicated that a campaign would develop probably to coincide with the start of next season. Various attending members spoke about ticket prices generally and the feeling from the meeting was to push forward with this campaign.

8. Any Other Business

It was suggested that as part of the Union’s Community remit consideration should be give to organising transport to the TUC National Demonstration on the 26th March 2011.

The meeting closed at 1.30pm

Videos of the Annual General Meeting can be found here.

The Agenda and Resolutions can be found here, and the Financial Report here.


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