A 'Letter' to the Club

Dear Liverpool FC

My name is Thomas, I’m 10-years-old. I used to be a doubter but now I'm a believer.


I've been going to watch Liverpool home and away with my mum and dad and love it. It's been boss. But I'm sad as I won't be able to go to some of our important games coming up.


There are two more Monday night matches coming up. Two massive games for us that I really wanted to go to.


Even worse than that, like last night, my mum and dad say I can’t even watch them on tele because they'll finish too late on a school night.


My mum and dad are upset too. They're expected to make a 570-mile round trip to Brighton in April. It’s likely they’ll need two days off work and because they rely on public transport to get there, they'll have to pay for a hotel to add to the expense of it all. They think this is very wrong.

Like it was for West Ham fans coming from London on a work day. 


Why is so little thought given to fans who go to the matches? They make the game what it is. Without us the whole idea of football changes.

I’d ask the same question to Sky and BT and Amazon, all those who make these decisions to move kick-offs, but I know what their answer will be. We’ve paid the money and the clubs all agreed.

LFC call us a family. But LFC have to agree to a fixture being moved. I'm asking if you can think of me and thousands like me when you make these decisions.

We're there every game to help the team, what will you do to help us?


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