AGM - Video and Voting

Following our AGM that took place on Saturday 24th September, all members are invited to now vote on the proposals put forward at the meeting.

Members can do this by logging in to their account. This is done by visiting and using the member log in box at the top of the page. You will see a link in a green box titled AGM 2016 Proposals and Vote. This will take you to the full list of proposals and voting options. 

All proposals at the meeting received votes in favour and our final position will be established once voting closes on Monday 3rd October at Midday. 

A copy of the proposals voted on can be viewed here - Proposals - and a video of the meeting can be viewed on our Facebook page here - AGM Video. Copies of the 2015 and 2016 accounts can be found here and here

Below is a guide to the video and where to find the different proposals and debates that were discussed at the meeting.

0:36 – Chair Jay McKenna introduced the AGM. It is outlined that a vote will be taken in the room on the proposals listed before the vote is opened up online.

2:10 – Jay McKenna outlined the work of the Union in the past year that has been positive for the Union and for Liverpool supporters. On Away tickets, the £30 cap saving people £300 per person, Spirit of Shankly leading the way on the campaign with other supporter groups around the country and the good work of Spion Kop 1906.

5:00 - On Home tickets, the work of the Ticket Working Group meeting with the Club on prices with the £8bn TV deal and the impact of prices on atmosphere and wider ticketing issues, culminating in the walk out on 77 minutes and the Club’s U-turn on planned ticket price rises. 

7:50 – The Club’s approach to supporter engagement since, or lack of, and link to proposal 7 to come regarding supporter engagement with Spirit of Shankly and other groups.

9:15 – The work the Union do with police before matches to discuss how fans are policed, especially at United and in Derbies to work to soften the sometimes heavy handed approach of policing by presenting an understanding of supporter behaviour

9:45 – Ian Byrne’s work with food banks with colleagues at Everton on the Fans Supporting Food Banks initiative and giving back to the community of Anfield.

12:45 – Biggest success for Liverpool supporters has been the Hillsborough inquest verdict. Support was sought for the 27th minute applause for Gerry McIver who sadly passed away recently, a distinguished Justice campaigner who has done a lot for fans in many different ways and whose contribution has sadly has not been recognised by the Club.

15:00 – Treasurer Jon-Paul Hill presents the accounts. Proposal 3 -Annual Accounts & Proposal 4 - Audit passed unanimously by those present.

23:40 – Discussion regarding membership and its growth especially in relation to similar organisations of other clubs.

24:45 – Proposal 1 – Management Committee. For the membership to ratify the proposed management committee for the following year. Unanimously carried by the room.

25:50 – Proposal 2 – Recording of Thanks. For the Union to acknowledge the service and time given by Keith Culvin, Daniel Nicolson, Mark McLaren and Peter Furmedge and for the Union to formally record its thanks.  Unanimously carried by the room.

31:10 – Proposal 5 – Charity Nominations. For the Union to support two nominated charities per year up to £500. Unanimously carried by the room.

32:45 - Proposal 6 – Terms and Conditions. To press for a formalisation of the process when Supporters find themselves on the receiving end of arbitrary decisions removing or restricting them from the ground. Spirit of Shankly has supported fans in the past when accused and has sought a formalisation of the process for the right to appeal any such decisions with representation. The proposal for the club to implement such changes was unanimously carried by the room.

36:00 - Proposal 7 – Supporter Engagement. Graham Smith updated the room on the Club’s position on supporter engagement and the “root and branch review” and the Club’s employment of consultants to appraise the engagement with supporters. Lines of communication between supporters and the Club need to remain open. The strength and power of the Union and supporters as a group was recognised following the walk out against Sunderland. The Union wants groups such as itself, who are properly constituted as trusts, democratically elected and accountable, to be given proper recognition as such in communication with the Club.  The motion on supporter engagement was unanimously carried by the room.

43:00 - Proposal 9 – Ticket Pricing. Keith Culvin spoke of the success that has been achieved but outlined that there is much more still to be done and for campaigns and work with other supporter groups to be backed. Graham Smith outlined the Club’s approach to the issue at the Supporters’ Committee meeting and their impression that the U-turn on prices was the conclusion of the Ticket Working Group, whereas the process should begin now involving supporters for two years’ time instead of the supporters being hit with price rises at that point. It was put from the floor to work with supporters from other clubs to approach the debate from a league wide perspective rather than solely against the Club itself. The proposal was carried unanimously by the room.

49:40 - Proposal 8 – Rail seating at football matches. Jay McKenna introduced the proposal by welcoming discussion and a range of views from the room. He outlined the position of the Union as having always been neutral on the issue but that the wider debate had advanced with Celtic installing it at their ground and the general advance of the debate across the country from something that was a possibility to something that is being actively campaigned for at other clubs. It was made clear that the proposal was not an adoption of either position for or against, but whether the Union should adopt a position lead by its members. It was put forward that the Union had not taken a position while the fight for Truth and Justice for Hillsborough was ongoing and now that the verdicts set out what happened that day beyond question and its events were no longer up for debate the issue of rail seating could be debated and discussed without impinging on the campaign for Truth and Justice. Jay McKenna highlighted the point that if the Union does not have this debate then it will happen around it and without members or Liverpool supporters’ input.

Important contributions were made from the floor regarding “safer standing” – acknowledging that thousands of people stand at games and rail seating, as in Celtic, may be a safer model for fans who stand at games. The point was also made that standing sections facilitates standing in certain sections, allowing people who need to sit to do so in the seated areas. The danger of standing in seated areas was acknowledged.

The room also acknowledged the sensitivity of the issue and that if the proposal was to be passed there has to be full and proper debate, discussion and consultation conducted for a prolonged period of time for the debate to be fully informed.

The proposal was passed unanimously by the room.

1:04:15 – Any Other Business

1:04:50 – The floor put forward questions on 1) the Club’s position on the redevelopment of the Anfield Road end of the ground, 2) the ultimate aim of the Union for supporter ownership on the club and the current position of the strategy to achieve that and 3) whether rumours of tickets for the Tottenham League Cup game being charged at £50 and whether there was any news on that.

Graham Smith responded by suggesting the first two issues were linked and that it was put to Ian Ayre in the Supporters Committee meeting about supporters raising £60m to fund the Anfield Road redevelopment in exchange for a proper stake in the Club which would bring the issue of supporter ownership alive. 

In respect of Tottenham prices, they’re lower than league games and it’ll be £27 for a ticket on the Kop and £12.50 for Children.

Jay McKenna built on the supporter ownership and put forward the discussions Spirit of Shankly have had with the owners since FSG took over but looked at the bigger picture regarding values of the top 6-8 clubs in the league. He put forward another route to supporter ownership – legislation - and that the Union will continue to push for legislation for supporter representation on the boards of football clubs and for a period of supporter consultation when football clubs are sold for supporters to negotiate an input. It was emphasised that the registering of Anfield as an Asset of Community Value in effect provides that function and that supporters will have to be consulted should the Club be sold.

1:15:28 – The issue of ticket touting was put forward by the floor which Jay McKenna said was part of the Ticket Working Group but that the Club so far has not discussed this with supporters.

1:16:20 – The membership process on the website was discussed and improvements are currently being made.

1:17:00 – Chair Jay McKenna thanked everyone for their attendance and concluded that there was much work ahead on the issues of ticket prices and the rail seating consultation and the meeting was closed.


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