Anfield expansion shouldn't be stopped by prices

"I don't know if there is a next step because ticket prices are an issue in England," Henry said. "That may foreclose further expansion. We'll have to see.” These quotes, uttered by Liverpool owner John Henry a little over 24 hours ago in America, have raised concern amongst supporters and left many asking questions.

The suggestion is that the redevelopment of the Anfield Road end, for which the club currently has outline planning permission, may not now go ahead. The inference is that this is due to ticket prices. 
This has prompted many, ourselves included, to believe that due to the resistance from supporters to see ticket price increases the ownership may now not go ahead with the expansion that would create an additional 4,800 seats.
It is widely acknowledged that the cost of attending games is incredibly expensive and match-going supporters feel that in their pockets. The Union is concerned that ticket prices could now be used as justification for not expanding the Anfield Road End.
The Union welcomed FSG’s open letter last February acknowledging that they got the ticketing plan wrong. It would be concerning if the plans to expand the Anfield Road Stand were now shelved as a result of that misjudgement.
A club of Liverpool’s size and pull can fill a larger stadium - the closed season ticket waiting list, in excess of 20,000 long, demonstrates that there are plenty more supporters who would like to be inside Anfield each week. More supporters inside Anfield benefits the team. A further expanded Anfield gives those supporters that opportunity to see the team they support. 
Whilst protests and walkouts may have made the club think twice on prices, it shouldn’t do so on increasing stadium capacity. Whilst the club may wish to revise how it finances this, as supporters will clearly not accept price rises, there are alternate options available and we have raised these in discussions with the club. 
We would like to point out that at no point during the discussions on ticketing with Liverpool was there ever any suggestion that ticket prices were linked to likelihood of the Anfield Road expansion. 
We would ask the ownership clarify their intentions for the Anfield Road on the back of these comments and ask that all options to expand the capacity are explored to find a solution for the long term benefit of LFC and its supporters. 


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