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Liverpool Supporters Union - A Call to Arms
Wednesday 06 February 2008

LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS UNION "Sons of Shankly" You may or may not have heard of us. But here's a little bit about who we are. To do exactly as it says on the tin. A Union for all Liverpool Supporters. A voice that represents us all. A platform for us all to stand together and fight for what we believe in. It is early days, and more details of how the organisation will grow will appear ... Read more

Membership Update
Sunday 10 February 2008

The first meeting in The Sandon demonstrated to us all there was an appetite for change at Liverpool. Change at the highest level of the club definitely, but change amongst ourselves - a single banner to get behind, a united voice with shared goals that won't just work to force the owners out, but will be around for years to come to speak for Liverpool supporters the world over. The meeti... Read more

Protest tomorrow after the Boro game
Friday 22 February 2008

Protest - Tomorrow - Yanks Out Tom Hicks Junior is going to be at the game tomorrow. So we may never get a more ideal opportunity than tomorrows game to get our message across to them. So tomorrow, after the game, stay behind, protest for 15 minutes. This is OUR CLUB, Not theirs!... Read more

The Sandon
Monday 25 February 2008

There seems to be a certain amount of confusion over what went on in The Sandon public house on Saturday afternoon after Liverpool played Middlesbrough. What we know is that Tom Hicks Jnr visited The Sandon, was heckled by Liverpool supporters and left before the situation spiralled out of control. There is nothing in the known facts the SOS, Liverpool Supporters Union, has any desire to cond... Read more

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