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Williamson Square Tuesday Afternoon
Sunday 06 April 2008

Right everyone, a few ideas have been talked about by fans and on the forums about having an afternoon before the game, all fans having a laugh, like we did the afternoon before Chelsea last year. So let's do it again. Next Tuesday before Arsenal. Williamson Square. By the benches outside the Liverpool shop. 2pm. Flags, banners, hopefully some sunshine. We can even 'talk' to people going in... Read more

Rick Parry and the leadership of our club
Friday 11 April 2008

We want Parry gone as much as anyone. He’s a disgrace in terms of what is in the public domain and in terms of what has been strongly rumoured.   But he’s utterly castrated. Right now he’s no threat to this football club. He’s done all the damage he can do – what a load of damage it is – and he may just be able to play a very small part in rectify... Read more

The cliched texan bully strikes again
Thursday 17 April 2008

There’s one thing to do. One thing you can do. That’s stand up. That’s fight back. The situation is this: Hicks needs to raise money and he’ll be going back to the banks. The deal him and his estranged cohort got months back was an edgy one, an expensive one. Given the world economic situation, given our relationship with them, given their own track record, they got an... Read more

Spirit of Shankly to start work on new stadium
Monday 21 April 2008

A Spade in the Ground in 60 days? 440 Days later….. After last week’s interview, after the roaring fire and the lovely mug, after the sweet words and all those promises that Uncle Tom would never make in bad faith, well, Spirit Of Shankly are convinced. Convinced enough by Tom Hicks to do him and his estranged partner a favour. When they got to Liverpool they told us they&rsquo... Read more

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