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Sean Cox appeal total announced
Thursday 01 November 2018

Spirit of Shankly can today confirm that a total of £59,104 has been raised for the Sean Cox appeal. The generosity of supporters at last weekend’s Cardiff fixture at Anfield raised  £28,725.17 which was collected around the ground by volunteers from SOS and LFC.   The LFC Foundation, official charity of Liverpool Football Club, has also match funded the a... Read more

Martin Cox: Thank You
Thursday 01 November 2018

“On behalf of the Cox family I wish to express my deepest thanks to Spirit of Shankly and everyone involved in the fundraising today and over the last months, from the people of Liverpool, home and around the world for their amazing kindness and generosity which has been overwhelming and has given us great hope and support for Sean's continued recovery. YNWA” Martin Cox ... Read more

Watford FC Away
Thursday 01 November 2018

Details for travel to our Premier League game away to Watford, Saturday 24 November 2018, kick-off 3pm, can be found here ... Read more

LFC asked about European Super League
Wednesday 07 November 2018

Football is, at its core and in the mind of supporters, a sport. The clubs that we support, whilst we understand they operate like a business, are sporting institutions representative of their locality. The question of how much this holds true has reared its head once again, with the latest revelations from Football Leaks and subsequent media reports. Whilst supporters want to protect the in... Read more

Burnley FC Away
Tuesday 13 November 2018

Details for travel to our Premier League game away to Burnley, Wednesday 5 December 2018, kick-off 7.45pm, can be found here ... Read more

Premier League pay-off shame
Thursday 15 November 2018

However the Premier League and clubs try to dress up today’s decision, most supporters will look at it and think only one thing - greed.   The initial suggestion that clubs would each put in a quarter of a million pounds was rightly met with derision and anger. Whilst supporters have tribal loyalties, this issue united all in condemnation.   Football is a wealthy ... Read more

Bournemouth Away
Tuesday 27 November 2018

Details for travel to our televised Premier League game away to Bournemouth, Saturday 8 December 2018, kick-off 12.30pm, can be found here ... Read more

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Away
Friday 30 November 2018

Our coach for the Premier League game away to Wolves, Friday 21December 2018, kick-off 7.45pm, is now sold out. ... Read more

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