Enough is Enough? More Please!

 Today's news on ticketing is a fantastic result of all the hard work that has been put in by supporters of all clubs who have campaigned for a reduction in ticket prices. As support for the campaign has grown, supporters’ confidence that something can and must be done has also grown. The announcement that Newcastle United will enter into reciprocal arrangements with clubs to charge away fans just £20, along with the announcement that Manchester City players and staff have donated £1,000 each to reduce away ticket prices shows that what we have said all along is correct – ticket prices are too high, they’ve been too high for too long and that the money in the game should be used to bring them down.  Seemingly, the cartel are beginning to listen.

This follows on from the announcement earlier in the season that the Premier League had given each club £200,000 to help away fans. At LFC, away tickets have been reduced by £2 - £4, with various other clubs offering the same or alternatives. It’s absolutely clear – if it hadn’t have been for those supporter organisations and individual supporters stepping up and getting involved, none of this would have happened.

Many have pointed plaudits in our direction, for the work in organising meetings in Liverpool and London on ticket prices, along with the planning and co-ordination of the demonstration outside the Premier League on 19th June. We’re thankful for these and we must also share them wider – with the organisations nationally in Supporter’s Direct and the Football Supporters Federation, with supporters and supporter organisations at Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and many others who have put rivalries to one side for the greater good.

But we cannot now rest on our laurels and think this is a job well done.

We will be contacting LFC, following our meeting with them earlier this year on ticket prices, to ask what they plan and if they too will enter into agreements like those announced at Newcastle and Manchester City. We will be asking them to support such initiatives, as they indicated they would do when we met them earlier this year and they said it that the issues around ticket prices needed a Premier League wide solution and to still be able to compete. We will also be looking at the next steps of our campaign to make sure all parts of the football cartel – not just the Premier League, it’s clubs and players are listening, but the sponsors too. Let’s see if Barclays really are thankful for us supporters.

So the real work starts here – we’ve started the ball rolling. We’ve proved wrong the doubters who said nothing can be done. However this is just the beginning. It needs more supporters at more supporter groups at more football clubs to get involved. It needs each and every one of us to say that enough is enough on increasing ticket prices and that they must be reduced. To take action and challenge your football club or sponsors to do something about it.  

And it needs all of us to take back our game. Only then, will it be truly ‘enough’.


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