#Footballwithoutfansisnothing – Chelsea match

As ticket prices keep on rising, fans are being priced out and having to give up on what they love. As part of our campaign on ticket prices, we will be making sure our message that ‘football without fans is nothing’, is heard and seen at Anfield.

At the Chelsea match on Sunday 21st April, we will be leafleting around the ground prior to kick off. We need as many volunteers as possible for this. If you are willing to help for just a couple of hours before the match please email with the subject ‘Leafleting at Chelsea’.

We are also looking to hear from fans that are affected by the price rises. So if you are in the Main Stand, Paddock or Centenary Stand, those who will see the cost of supporting LFC go up, let us know what you think about it. Email with your views.

We all know the impact of higher ticket prices – fans priced out. Loyalty and devotion has been given a value, one that’s much higher (1108% higher than it should be) than it should be. We face a choice of pay up or walk away. A choice we don’t think is fair, right or even necessary. A choice that the football cartel can help us with – that if all clubs that make up the Premier League use the vast amounts of money generated from sponsorships and TV deals to subsidise ticket prices, we won’t be priced out.

So work with us to make sure your voices are heard – Football without fans is nothing.









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