‘If you Build It They will Come ….. This Is Anfield’ - An exhibition of football themed artwork

An exhibition featuring mixed media artworks, combining collage and photojournalism with drawing and paint media by Liverpool based artist Christine Physick.

Football as the national game inspires both positive and negative emotions in equal measure. Those who follow the game tend to support a particular club for life: football helps to shape their identity but in return it demands tremendous loyalty.

With the establishment of the Premiership in 1992, competition on and off the pitch has increased exponentially as clubs compete against each other for TV revenues and world-class players to keep their club in pole position. These concerns have tended to create a distance between the traditional fan and their local roots as the clubs compete to build an international reputation on the world stage of football.

The work on show reflects two of the major sources of conflict between the club and their local supporters who have increasingly been priced out of watching live games at their local stadium as the cost of tickets increases season on season.

The second issue of concern in this strained relationship is the club’s proposed expansion of the ground at Anfield. These plans have brought the club into conflict with the local community as many residents have been forced to leave their homes. Those who have remained in the area have been left to cope with serious issues linked to urban blight.

The exhibition seeks to generate a debate between the club and local supporters whilst exploring many of the issues faced by both sides.”

The title ‘If You Build It They Will Come …. This Is Anfield’ relates to LFC’s need to either build a new stadium or extend the footprint of the existing ground. It is also a reference to the magic realism film based upon the novel ‘Shoeless Joe Jackson’ in honour of the former Baseball hero. Part of the filming took place in Boston at Fenway Park, home to Boston Red Sox, and co-incidentally owned by Fenway Sports Group, the current owners of Liverpool Football Club.

If You Build it They Will Come …. This is Anfield  is on show at The Quakers Meeting House from 29th October 2014 to 28th January 2015. Open Monday – Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00pm and Saturday’s from 10.00 to 5.00pm.


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