Main Stand Redevelopment - Action Group Formed

Spirit of Shankly have been closely following the redevelopment of the Main Stand at Anfield and the impact it will have upon supporters, a significant number of whom have sat with family members and friends for many years. Discussions are currently ongoing regarding ticket pricing in the redeveloped stand and stadium, of which we are involved with as part of the Ticket Working Group.

We have recently been contacted by members, expressing concern about how the redevelopment might impact them. Whilst the redevelopment presents an opportunity for the owners of LFC to increase revenues, it also means there will be changes to long time supporters of the Club over where they will sit in the ground after the redevelopment.


Currently, it is clear that current season and hospitality ticket supporters are being inconvenienced prior to the stand being completed and the Union has already made a difference for some - Ground Revelopment Seating Problem 


It is likely that supporters will find themselves being asked to select new seats. This has raised questions about the price of those seats, where those seats might be and what the view will be like. Supporters have questioned if decisions on how this takes place will take into account the long term commitment they have given the Club.


In anticipation of this the Spirit of Shankly is looking to create a “Main Stand Action Group” (MSAG) - this will be a group of members who have season, hospitality or general admission tickets who want to have their opinions and views represented to the Club about the coming changes.


Anyone who wants to be part of this Group needs to do is to join the Union at and email and ask to be noted as a member of the MSAG.


We will coordinate issues as they arise and seek to represent the best interests of our members as the redevelopment continues.


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