Think of the Fans, not the Pounds

Following tonight's draw, another exciting FA Cup tie awaits with Arsenal drawing Liverpool at the Emirates. Having already played there this season we are only too aware that this will be another extremely expensive fixture for the match going fans. Since the draw took place we have been in dialogue with the Arsenal Supporters Trust and Arsenal's Black Scarf Movement and have sent the letter below to both Arsenal and Liverpool.
For the Attention of:
Ian Ayre, Managing Director, Liverpool Football Club
Phil Dutton, Head of Ticketing and Hospitality, Liverpool Football Club
Ivan Gazidis, Chief Executive, Arsenal Football Club
Ivan Worsell, Ticketing and Services Director, Arsenal Football Club
Dear All,
Following tonight's draw, we are writing on behalf of our members and all Liverpool fans to ensure that the match goers are treated in the fairest way possible for this fixture. 
The league game saw Liverpool fans charged £62 per ticket for a fixture played on a Saturday evening. The cost of the match along with the late kick off saw many fans priced out and for those who went there were many difficulties using public transport to get home. We have been informed by Arsenal supporters that if we receive a 9,000 ticket allocation at Category A prices, this would mean that ticket prices could range from £62 to £93 for Liverpool Supporters.
Taking these factors in to account, we ask that the following be considered:
Kick off time
It is highly likely that this match will be televised. We are aware that the clubs don't get to decide the kick off times, however you are consulted. In fairness to the fans we would ask that the consideration is given to those who need to travel considerable distances at great expense. The league fixture on 02/11/13 saw many LFC fans having to use rail replacement bus services to get home from a 5.30pm kick off on the Saturday evening. Clearly no consideration was given to those who actually attend the match from those setting kick off times. We ask, that on our behalf, you push to make sure that we are not in a similar position again where fans will experience similar difficulties.
Ticket prices 
As we have already have highlighted in a statement made by ourselves ( and in dialogue with both Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC, Liverpool fans have already been charged 72% more than Everton for the league matches that have been played this season and we believe that this is completely unreasonable. Coventry's FA cup tickets were priced at £25.50 and we would request that tickets are priced in the same manner. Similarly, in the event that this match ends up being replayed at Anfield, that a similar arrangement is reached with our ticket prices. You may note that the Black Scarf Movement have also issued a statement in relation to ticket prices for this fixture (
We also note that in accordance with FA Cup rule 22 (b) (iii), each club will receive 45% of the gate revenues. Such an arrangement, we feel, provides an opportunity for flexibility in the pricing structure that would assist fans and mean neither club is at a financial disadvantage to each other.
In line with the FA rule (21. (a)) we ask that both clubs ensure that we are granted the full 15% allocation for this fixture. 
We look forward to hearing from you on this important matter and we are keen to discuss this issue with yourselves further to reach a solution, especially given the short time available ahead of the fixture and possible ticket sales.
James McKenna
Spirit of Shankly


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