Travel Update for 2012/2013 Season

Spirit of Shankly is pleased to announce their travel plans for the new season .

For the third season running coach prices have been frozen as the Union embraces a policy of ensuring that our coaches offer the most competitive prices to our members. This means that travelling with the Union for every away game you can save an average of £200 a year against competitor prices. During a long lasting recession the Union is mindful of members' financial commitments and is keen to offer value for money for those supporters regularly travelling to away games. During last season we also incorporated a limited number of Youth spaces on our coaches at half price, along with free memberships. We are now pleased to announce that we have been able to extend this half price offer, on a limited, first come, first served basis, to over 65’s for the forthcoming season.

Spirit of Shankly would also like to thank everyone who has travelled with us previously and will be travelling this forthcoming season as the Union continues to go from strength to strength making watching football affordable to Liverpool fans far and wide in these harsh economic times .
Travel Video from 2010:

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