We're supporters - not customers!

Following our release last week regarding the on-going ticket price campaign and our dialogue with Ian Ayre, we have been contacted by members and supporters showing their displeasure with Mr Ayre's response. Given the level of anger from supporters on this issue, we subsequently asked supporters to contact us and the Supporters Committee with their feelings on this.
The email below is an example of the type of response we have received. It stood out as it's from the very supporters who are being priced out, those very supporters who help create and generate the atmosphere, home and away. It has come from the group of supporters, Spion Kop 1906, who have been responsible for a large number of the banners we see at Anfield and at grounds around the country both supporting the team and raising the issue of ticket price rises. This is what they had to say :

"Following your recent statement regarding the emails between yourself and Ian Ayre, we feel we have to share with the Union our views on Ian Ayre's response.
How out of touch is he ?

How he fails to see the benefit of talking to the Union on ticket pricing issues, after all the work SOS and supporters have done since last season on the issue, is not only insulting but his excuse of hiding behind the Supporters Committee on the issue proves he knows the questions you raised are right but he is unwilling to follow through with your requests.
You only have to look at what Clubs have done in recent months by offering reciprocal arrangements in charging fans the same price when traveling to each other's ground. In addition the contribution by Manchester City players to away ticket prices has been very well received by supporters. 

Finally, the cheek of Ian Ayre to say that the £200,000 set aside for each club to help away supporters didn't come from the pressure of supporters who demonstrated at the Premier League HQ in June. Does he think we are naive? If this was planned as they claim, we are sure Richard Scudamore or the clubs when they were being pressured on the issue would have revealed this. Instead they waited until August. He must think we don't read what is going on or what other clubs have said about this.

We give our full support to LFC, it's time they gave us something back.

Ian Ayre should remember - We are Supporters, not Customers. We will have to make sure he gets this message
Spion Kop 1906."

The Union is committed to seeing more equitable prices for tickets across all clubs and fixtures and will continue to campaign for this and we fully sympathise with our members views on these issues and we will forward them to the Club for consideration. We'd also like to encourage supporters to continue to contact the Supporters Committee on this issue, as we are still awaiting a response from them following our own emails.

If you have any issues you wish to raise then please send them to


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