Spirit Of Shankly appreciates that there are a number of decisions made by the club that affect Liverpool fans, but that these issues are not limited to what goes on within the club, but that they also affect what happens in the locality and surrounding Anfield area.

Anfield, the stadium, is a second home to most fans, our sanctuary away from day to day life. But to some fans, and to all residents of the area, Anfield is not just the name of the football stadium, it is also their home. The vast majority of us are visitors every other Saturday (or Sunday, or Monday depending on Sky or ESPN) and every other Tuesday or Wednesday whilst in Europe (which is often). However, what about those people who are not visitors? Who live in the area long after we have gone home? They are affected by Liverpool FC's policy with regards to the development of the club. LFC, as a multi-million pound business. directly impacts upon the immediate and wider Anfield area. We as stakeholders of LFC, need to ensure that the club, as a stakeholder in the Anfield Community, plays an active and committed role to the regeneration of Anfield.

The most obvious impact LFC has upon the regeneration of Anfield as an area, is in the plans for a new stadium to be constructed a few hundred yards away from the present site, on Stanley Park. There has been significant delay in the beginning of construction work on this project, and a start date is still to be confirmed. These delays affect the local community and affect plans for regeneration. Spirit Of Shankly aims to assist the relevant agencies in any way it can to ensure that Liverpool Football Club keeps to its commitment to assist and engage in the regeneration of the Anfield area. We have written to the relevant parties involved, asking how the proposed stadium will affect plans for regeneration, and the affects of any delay on the local community.

As part of our commitment to Regeneration of Anfield we have been working with Keep Everton in Our City on The Football Quarter concept.


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