Ticketing is the most regular issue that fans tend to have with Liverpool Football Club. On Internet Forums, in fanzines, in the pub, anywhere around the ground, and indeed anywhere with a discussion on Liverpool Football Club, tends to bring discussion on ticketing, about our "much loved" Ticket Office.

Most fans could tell you how they have been affected by Ticket Office policy, which can sometimes seem to be a "Make it up as you go along" policy. From Away Tickets selling out on unusually high credits, to one person being told, sorry all Sold Out, and the next person in the queue to be sold tickets. There are also major issues for fans with the Selling Arrangements that Liverpool Football Club impose. Tickets being put on sale whilst most are still away in a far, flung European destination following Liverpool - resulting in sky high phone bills ordering tickets, or a constant harassment of family and friends back home, to go to Anfield for them. Is this really neccessary? Surely someone from the Ticket Office, can look at the fixture list, see that most fans are likely to be away still, and delay the sale? Is is too much to ask, that just once in a while, they consider making it slightly easier for fans. Surely they can see that fans are getting back from Charlton Away, midweek on a miserable January night, at a ridiculous hour, only to have a few hours before tickets for Manchester United go on sale. Why? Does waiting one day to put tickets on sale really matter that much, that they can't do it?

The most regular and occuring issue, is the methods of sale for Home League Tickets. Fans would like to see tickets put on sale at the windows at the same time as on the phones and on the internet. Why isn't this done? For example - a lad of 15. Lives in the shadows of Anfield, doesn't have a credit card or debit card, his mum and dad work all day and he has school. How is he meant to try and get a ticket for a match? Liverpool FC should be trying to make it easier for all fans. This goes for telephone and internet sales as well. A website that is forever crashing when trying to order tickets. A phone system that charges you to be told "All our operators are busy, please call back later". Basically charging you for what is a glorified engaged tone. A phone system that means you have to go through at least 2 or 3 options to even get to the tickets you want to buy. To then, if you are lucky enough to not get the "All operators are busy" message, puts you in a very long queue that you have no option but to sit in if you want a ticket, all the while being charged for it.

Liverpool Football Club take it for granted that we have to accept what they say goes. But do we? Can we not stand up to them and ask them Why? What? Who? Where? When? Can we question their decisions, when after all, it is us fans buying the tickets? The Answer - we can, and we will!


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