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Member Chris Hannaway writes about how Spirit of Shankly helped him to solve a previously unsolved issue with his Godson's new Season Ticket.
Like many other people, I joined SOS in 2008 to try to do something about the way our football club was being abused by Tom Hicks and George Gillett. I have been a paying member ever since as I have always remained impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of those involved, and the many initiatives the union has championed. 
But for the first time in those four years, I recently needed to call upon the help of SOS and feel I should highlight the support I received. 
Having joined the season ticket waiting list in 1998 I was delighted to learn that I, and my 14-year-old Godson, had finally been offered a ticket in 2012 (I had put us on the list as soon as he was born.) However, we were desperately keen that the 14-year-old could sit in the same stand as his dad - a Kop season ticket holder for 30 years. I contacted the club and was told categorically that the only places we would be able to sit were the Centenary Stand or the Paddock. So, as a last resort, I contacted a member of the SOS committee to see if the union could help.
Over the next two weeks, this committee member spent a considerable amount of his own time acting on my behalf and liaising with the club through the healthy dialogue that exists between the union and LFC. And thanks to his hard work – and a willingness by the club to listen to our particular circumstances – we eventually got our seats in the Kop
Put simply, this would not have happened without the Spirit of Shankly.
For me, I would always support the union for the independent role it plays in ensuring the club, and others, understand the opinions of core Liverpool supporters. But my recent experience has also reminded me that there are times when it helps to have other people fighting in your corner – and as football fans we never really know when that time might come.  

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